Folk Art Wooden Bowls Carved and Pyrographied

Folk Art Wooden Bowls Carved and Pyrographied

Item Name
Wooden Bowls Carved and Pyrographied
Sold – Thank You – $150.00 USD
Wood Carving – Bowls
In Stock 0 – 2pc
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PYH – 4190

These exceptional antique wooden bowls were both made by the same craftsperson in the early 1900’s. They were turned, carved and then decorated by pyrography, (pyro=fire, graphy=drawing, writing). A wood-burning tool was used to burn designs into the wood and sometimes items were painted, as these two were, with their now faded tones of green and red.

Although the bowls appear about the same size in our photographs, the one on the left in photo #1 is larger. The interior is carved with three clusters of grapes and three grape leaves; the rim is encircles by a carved vine. Using the wood-burning technique, the maker created a rough bark-like surface over the entire interior (photo #2). The outside of the bowl was burned in tiny pinpoints over the entire surface, along with stylized, painted leaf and flower decorations (photo #3). This bowl has aged out of round; it measures 11 1/4 inches in diameter one way and 12 inches the other. It stands 5 inches tall and has a 4 3/4 inch round base that’s 3/4 inch tall. This bowl has a few age hairlines in it, none of which are obvious or threaten the sturdiness of the bowl.

The smaller bowl is approximately 9 1/2 inches in diameter; it has carved leaves that project over the edges, making measuring a bit more difficult. There are two large carved roses, along with leaves and thorny branches. Just like the larger bowl, the surface is the same rough burned “bark” (photo #4). The outside is plain and has no carving or pyrography (photo #5), perhaps because it was meant to nest inside the larger one. It stands 2 1/2 inches tall on a 4 3/4 inch flat round base. This bowl does not have any hairlines or any other issues.

Folk art pyrography bowls like these are uncommon; many more boxes were made, since flat surfaces are easier to wood burn than curved ones. Even fewer pieces combine raised carving and pyrography and painted surfaces. This pair of bowls is a terrific find for the collector and the decorator.


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