Vintage White Cat Accent Lamp With Black Shade (Sold)

Mid Century Porcelain Cat Accent Lamp Black and White

Item Name
Accent lamp white cat
Sold – Thank You – $95.00 USD
Lamp & Shade – Home Decor Lighting
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Item #
PYH – 4175

For the cat lover, a charming porcelain accent lamp with a bit of modern Asian flair. The 2/4 inch high stepped, round black wooden base supports the full bodied cat that stands 8 inches high. Sitting in a classic pose, with front paws demurely together, head to one side and tail wrapped around, the cat is made of glossy white porcelain, well-detailed down to the whiskers. The new matte black cloth uno shade sits on the socket that’s attached to the brass rod behind the cat. The shade is 7 inches tall with the overall height of the lamp 16 1/2 inches. On the bottom is the classic “Made in Japan” red and gold foil label, along with four green felt protective circles.

This lamp dates from the 1950’s and is in beautiful condition, including the plug and the cord, which is 5 feet long. The bulb is not included; it can take up to a 60 watt bulb, according to the Leviton-made socket with a push-through black switch. It looks great when lit, as you can see in photographs #1 and #5. This cool cat is a great decorative and useful accent.

FYI: The vintage lamps we sell are all in working order when we ship them to you, but we do recommend that you have them checked out for long-term use by a licensed electrician, since we are not electrical experts.

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