Weed Pot Beautifully Glazed 1970’s

Rosene Zaros Weed Pot Beautifully Glazed Stoneware 1970's

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Rosene Zaros Weed Pot
$55.00 USD
Art Pottery – Vase – Weed Pot
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Item #
PYH – 4090

Rosene Zaros displayed her hand made studio pottery at the Joetown Hill Pottery and Craft Gallery that she and her husband George owned in the 1970’s and early 1980’s in Ohio. She received an M.A. in ceramics from Ohio State University, doing her thesis on raku ware, and was a Fine Arts instructor there from 1969-1971. Her mark “Zaros” is incised in the bottom. Her work is not easily found and prized when it is discovered.4090-Rosene Zaros Weed Pot -bottom mark view-3550 x 3456-jpg.JPG

Weed pots–or weed vases–like this one were a very popular form in the 1960’s and 1970’s, so-called because they could be used to display a few stems of weeds or flowers or leaves in them. Ms. Zaros made this example of high-fired tan stoneware clay very professionally formed, with a striking glaze treatment on all but 1/4 inch at the base and the bottom as well. The pot measures 5 inches tall, at the widest 4 inches and has a 2 inch diameter base.

The glaze colors are luscious, the condition like new–this pot is a wonderful find for the pottery lover.

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