Barbara Bourgeau-Richards Folk Art Print

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Barbara  Bouregeau – Richards Print
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PYH – 4041

This small framed print is of an original watercolor by Barbara Bourgeau-Richards, a self-taught folk artist and a native of Michigan who began painting in 1986. She specializes in watercolor vignettes, many of which are in private and corporate collections and museums. Ms. Bourgeau-Richards has also authored craft pamphlets and a book, “The First Five Years! An Intimate Reflection.” She’s known to her fans as BB Richards; at lower right, she hand signed this print in black ink: B. Bourgeau-Richards and dated it 1986, making it one of her earliest. There’s no title, but we’re calling it “At the Tree of Life.”

On the back of the print is a white label that is printed in red :
This Mini-Print is from an original by Barbara Bourgeau-Richards Romeo, Michigan (313) 752-6858
There is also an outline of a heart with the words “Country Watercolors” surrounding it.

Here are the measurements: overall, 9 1/2 inches wide and 8 inches top to bottom; the matte grey painted wood frame is 1 3/4 inches wide and 3/4 inch thick; the actual print size {which is glassed} is 6 inches wide and 4 3/8 inches top to bottom. Other than the paper dust cover on the back, which is a bit torn and stained {we hated to replace it and lose the label}, it’s in great condition. There’s a sawtooth hanger on the back so it can easily be hung on your wall–it weighs just a bit over a pound– but it’s a nice size to prop on a shelf, also. BB Richards’ art always adds a note of folk art charm and a smile.

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