California Enchanto Handled Serving Dish

Enchanto Mid Century California Pottery Handled Serving Dish

Item Name
Enchanto Leaf Serving Dish
$39.00 USD
Pottery – California –  Handle Dish
In Stock 1
Item #
PYH – 3678

The name Enchanto is so evocative of pottery made in California in the 1950’s. Over 1000 of these potteries took advantage of the unique combinations of clay available in Southern California, including Enchanto which was based in Burbank in the 1950’s according to Wikipedia. We have seen paper or foil stuck-on labels which say Enchanto Fullerton, CA. 92643. Since ZIP codes started in 1963, this may indicate that the company moved to Fullerton later on in their history. We have also seen pieces of theirs which have both the impressed mark and a foil label for the Burbank location. For more pictures and information please click here...


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