Tole Painted Peter Ompir Large Tray

Peter Ompir Tole Painted Tray-sold-b-etsy slide-606 x 496-jpg.jpg

Item Name
Peter Ompir Tray
Sold – Thank you – $195.00 USD
Home Decor – Tole Painted Tray
In Stock 0
Item #
PYH – 4156

Peter Ompir (1904-1979), who painted this lovely, long tin tray, is considered one of America’s foremost folk artists. He began his career during the 1930’s painting portraits but was unable to make any money at it. He then began painting household items and sold them through an agent who persuaded Neiman-Marcus, Macy’s and other prominent stores to carry his works, where they sold extremely well. He painted both used and new objects of wood, metal and even furniture, always managing to create a charming antique look with his use of colors and designs. This tray is an outstanding example of his work. More Details…


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