Carved Painted Faces & Designs Abstract Modern Pottery Vase

4232 Carved Lg Mod Vase-Front ViewSold--50-Etsy Slide-606 x 496-jpg.jpg

Item Name
Modern Pottery Abstract Vase
Sold – Thank You – $225.00 USD
Pottery – Vase – Modern
In Stock 0
Item #
PYH – 4232

The shapes, symbols and faces on this monumental pottery vase were carved and hand painted, evoking artists like Picasso and Kandinsky. The sgraffito technique used on the heavy earthenware makes everything pop and the colors range from electric to black to metallic silver. Dating from the 1960’s op art/pop art era, this vase weighs 5 3/4 pounds and is 15 inches tall, 9 inches across the belly and has a base diameter of about 5 inches. In very good vintage condition, with some wear at the edge of the base {photograph #4}, no matter which way this huge statement piece is turned, every eye is mesmerized. More Details…


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