Art Deco Women by Achatit Werkstätten West German Wall Masks

4256--German_2_Achatit_Faces-front_view_on_LB-whiteout-etsy slide-SOLD-3000 x 2455-jpg.jpg

Item Name
Wall Mask Pair of Women
Sold – Thank You – $110.00 USD
HomeDecor -Wall Masks
In Stock 0 Pair
Item #
PYH – 4256

This dramatic Deco pair of wandmaskes {wall masks} comes from the workshops of the German company Achatit Werkstätten, which was founded in 1948 by Hans Schirmer and the sculptor Peter Ludwig, who designed these fantastic wall masks. They trademarked a new material, one made by boiling fine powdered stone with sawdust and a binding agent, which was then poured into a mold. After they cooled, the sculptures were painted and/or gilded, then polished with agate stones. The word agate is “achat” in German, which is how both the material and the company got their names. The process produced a non-ceramic material that is often mistaken for ceramic.

Both of these wall sculptures are 10 inches tall and project about 3 1/2 inches out from the wall. The lady on the left in photograph #1 measures 6 inches at its widest, while the one on the right is 7 1/2 inches at its widest. The right hand one has two gold foil labels on the back; one label has the company name and a drawing of a sculptured head, while the other label reads HANDARBEIT {handwork/handmade}, MADE IN GERMANY HANDIWORK. Both were made in the 1950’s {later ones use the copyright symbol or the word copyright}. Although they are marked ‘made in Germany,’ they were actually made in West Germany, in the city of Cologne {Köln in German}, which was located in West Germany during the decades that Germany was divided.

These beautiful wall masks are in fantastic condition, with no chips, cracks or discernible wear to the paint or finish. Perfect for that spot where a painting or print just won’t do. More Details…

PYH 4256


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