Bavarian China Chocolate Set by Neukirchner

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  • Material: Ceramic
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This spectacular chocolate set was made in Waldershof, Bavaria by the Franz Neukirchner Porcelain Works. The set consists of the tall pot with lid, sugar bowl with lid and cream pitcher. Also included is a small cup and saucer for the cocoa; the set can also be used to serve demitasse and espresso-based drinks. The creamy white bodies are decorated with a color they called “Swedish Red” and have hand applied raised flowers of genuine gold, which also trims the rims, curvaceous handles and lid knops. All of the pieces of this set are pristine; in fact, the demitasse cup still retains the original foil label placed on it at the factory (shown in one of our photos), which reads “Echt Gold” with a capital N (for Neukirchner, of course) between the words. “Echt,” which is sometimes mistakenly assumed to be a maker’s name, simply means “real” in German.

The chocolate pot stands 10 1/2 inches tall with its lid, measures 10 inches across from spout to handle and holds about 48 ounces (1 1/2 quarts). The sugar bowl is 4 1/4 inches tall with its lid; the creamer measures 6 inches in height and holds 6 ounces (3/4 cup). The petite saucer is 4 1/2 inches in diameter; the cup is 2 1/2 inches tall and holds 2 ounces. There are no cracks, chips, hairlines and virtually no wear to the decorations; there are a few brown spots in the bottom of the pot in the crevice, but that’s it. This set was deservedly cherished and cared for.

A bit of history on Neukirchner Porzellan: We found a listing for the company in a 1906 Directory of the German Ceramic Industry that indicated the company was in existence since 1890 and that one of its specialties was chocolate sets (“Mokkaservice” in German). Also mentioned was that they were highly successful with heavily gilded china. The mark of the crowned N on the bottom of the pieces was one of four they used that we could locate and was used from 1916 until the demise of the company in 1977.

This exquisite Bavarian china chocolate set is one that will be the star in any setting.

© Linda Henrich

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Victorian Style Doll’s Pram

Mini antique baby pram side view-1244 x 1432.JPG

 Sold – Thank You $60.00

This charming carriage is also called a buggy, pram or perambulator. It is suitable for a very small doll or bear, as it is 10 inches long, including the handles; the body of the carriage itself is 7 ½ inches long and 4 ¾ inches wide. Its height is 10 ½ inches tall to the top of the canopy. It is for display, not play, or for a wonderful photo prop. It would also make a cute decoration for a baby shower.

All four sides of the carriage are made with scrolled wicker that has been lacquered and shaped into dark blue curlicues. The lining and the canopy fabric are black buckram. The 3 inch diameter steel wheels have wooden axles and the swooping steel handles have a wooden hand hold.

The condition is good vintage. Some of the fasteners are rivets and some are small flat head screws. The canopy frame is detached on the right side from the wooden rim; the canopy has no tears or holes, but it does not move. All the parts seem to be intact. The lining is in good shape, also. The carriage sits upright and rolls easily.


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Doll Size Old-Fashioned Toy Tricycle Cast Iron

Teddy on dolls old trike

 Sold – Thank You – $95.00

This toy tricycle is a replica of a child’s tricycle ca 1880. It has a wonderful overall rusty appearance and is made of cast iron except for the handles and the oval seat, which are wood. The handlebars turn the front wheels in either direction. It’s riveted together and very well constructed. The front wheels and the pedals turn, the rear wheels do not. It is 19 inches long, 14 inches tall, 8 ½ inches between the handlebars and 10 ½ inches between the back wheels. There is no manufacturer’s mark and it’s in excellent vintage condition.

This trike is great for display with or without a doll, stuffed animal or your favorite bear.

P.S. Sorry, our bear is not included.

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Solid Brass Rococo Style 14 Inch Tall Candlesticks

Brass Candle Sticks-1188 x 1101-jpg.JPG


Did you ever wonder how Professor Plum did away with someone in the library in the game of Clue with a mere candlestick? If he had one of these candlesticks that weigh 3 pounds 11 ounces each, it would have been no problem.

These 14 inch sticks made of solid cast brass have been given a lovely antiqued patina. The 6 ½ inch diameter base is scalloped into crisp points and decorated with 6 molded acanthus leaves. The waisted shaft, which screws into the base, also has acanthus leaf decorations. Under the large fluted drip pans are four more smaller leaves. The bottoms are felted in black.

This pair of rococo style candlesticks are very impressive and will add an elegant note anywhere in your home.


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