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Nankin Pattern Transferware 1890’s Petrus Regout Set of 8 Plates

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Petrus Regout Plate Set
In Stock 1 set of 8
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PYH – 4310

Petrus Regout, son of a trader in pottery, began faience production in 1836 in Maastricht, Holland. The soft red clay body of the simple pottery he produced found a ready local market. In order to expand, however, Regout had to compete with British creamware, so he turned to making china like these plates. The Nankin pattern with its Chinese motifs was probably named for the city of Nanking in southern China. The brown printed mark on the reverse of these plates was used beginning in 1881, indicated by the words “Made in Holland,” which the pottery was obligated to use when they made such close copies of the British wares. The mark changed in 1899, when the pottery was renamed “De Sphinx.”

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Georgetown Pattern Federal Glass Iridescent Deviled Egg Platter

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Federal Glass 1960’s  Deviled Egg Platter
Sold – Thank You – $35.00 USD
Home Decor- Dining – Platter
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PYH – 3774

This deviled egg platter was made by the Federal Glass Company in Columbus, Ohio. The pattern, named Georgetown, was made in the 1960’s and the iridescence on this example makes it especially eye-catching. It is pressed glass, not cut glass, and is quite heavy, weighing in at 2 3/4 pounds. A dozen egg halves can be placed around the rim, along with garnishes, pickles and relishes in two extra rim sections. For more pictures and information please click here…

Maybell Pattern Octagonal Covilhete Dish Vista Alegre Portuguese Porcelain

Vista alegre Octagonal Plate Maybell Pattern-2800 x 2667-jpg_burned

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Vista Alegre Octagonal Covilhete Dish

This beautiful octagon shaped dish was made by Vista Alegre, established in 1824 and manufacturer of the largest collection of fine porcelain and crystal in Europe. The company, working with designers such as Oscar de la Renta and Christian Lacroix, has a worldwide reputation for exquisite, collectible tableware. This covilhete dish (a covilhete is a sort of Portuguese potpie or quiche) was manufactured between 1980 and 1992, when the pattern was discontinued.

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Studio Potter Michael Hoyland U.K. Hand Thrown Bowl

Michael Hoyland U.K. Studio Potter Hand Thrown Bowl


Beautifully thrown and beautifully glazed, this very modern yet primitive bowl was thrown by Michael Hoyland of the United Kingdom. Made of a heavy, coarse-grained grey clay, the bowl’s interior is composed of swirls and blobs and spots on a chocolate brown background. The whole bowl except for the very bottom is topped with a clear glaze that’s very satiny to the touch and rises to a dimple in the center of the bowl. The throwing ridges are evident on the underside and Michael Hoyland’s mark, the conjoined initials MH, set into a rectangle with rounded corners, are impressed into the side of the bowl directly over the rim.

The bowl measures 9 1/2 inches across the top, tapering to a 4 1/2 inch diameter round base. It’s 2 1/2 inches high and weighs a hefty 2 3/4 pounds. It’s a very striking piece of hand thrown studio art pottery.

PYH 3911

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Bavarian Porcelain Schwarzenhammer Plate

Bavarian Porcelain Plate by Schwarzenhammer-jpg

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This beautiful plate has a reticulated, gilded rim
and ten angled sides, instead of the usual eight.
It was made in the state of Bavaria in Germany.
The backstamp on the reverse, printed in silver,
dates this piece ca. 1949. The Schwarzenhammer
porcelain factory began in 1905; they made very
fine, well-known porcelain.

The central motif of a pear and cherries is hand-
painted and in perfect condition. Both the gilded
rim and the inner band of gilding show virtually
no wear. There are no cracks, chips, nicks or
crazing. It measures 9 ¾ inches across and 1 ¼
inches high.

This plate makes a visually stunning addition to
any porcelain collection.

Charles Dickens Character Collectible Plate Set | Primping Your Home

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Item Name
Set of Six Dickens Plates
$159.00 USD
China- Collectible Dishes
In Stock 1 Set of Six
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PYH – 3641

Coalport is a famous china manufactory which began in 1796 and by 1800 was Britain’s largest. These plates date from 1891 to c. 1920. The mark on the reverse of each shows the word England under the crown mark; this word was added to the mark in 1891. (The words “Made in England” were added circa 1920.) Coalport called this china pattern “Kings Ware.”

These 9 inch antique plates are a beautiful pale cream color. Their rims are heavily embossed with flowers and leaves and the center of each is decorated with black and white transfer prints that are hand colored in polychrome. Each shows a character from the works of Charles Dickens.

Here are the characters and the books they are featured in:

Bill Sikes…from Oliver Twist
Captain Cuttle…from Dombey and Son
Mr. Pickwick…from The Pickwick Papers
Little Nell…from The Old Curiosity Shop
Mr. Micawber…from David Copperfield
Mr. Peggotty…also from David Copperfield

We’re limited to five photographs on Etsy, so we couldn’t show every plate individually.

The condition of these antique plates is superb. The glaze has the expected very fine network of crazing, but there are no chips, cracks or flakes on any of these exquisite plates. More Details…