Collectors Society Limited Edition Wedgwood Pitcher

Collectors Society Limited Edition Wedgwood Pitcher

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Wedgwood Pitcher
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This English creamware pitcher, so like the Liverpool jugs in its body shape and black transfer decoration, was made by Wedgwood as a limited edition sold only to members of the Wedgwood Collectors Society. The printed Wedgwood mark on the bottom, also in black, began to be used in 1974, when they added the circled R (®) to show that the company name was registered. The other mark, denoting that the jug was made for the Society, features a drawing of Josiah Wedgwood, the founder of the pottery, in the center. The creamy earthenware of the body is also known as “Queen’s Ware.”

The transfer on the one side of the pitcher shows a shepherd and his flock, a popular 18th/19th century art subject. The transfer on the other side shows a couple sharing tea and cakes, with their footman standing by with the teapot; they’re reputed to be Josiah Wedgwood and his wife Sarah. The engraving pictured in #5 is that of the Wedgwood family at Etruria Hall, their country house in Staffordshire, in 1780. Josiah and Sarah are on the bench in this print, also. As an interesting aside, Josiah and Sarah were the grandparents of Charles Darwin, who inherited wealth from the pottery that enabled him to carry out his famous scientific explorations.

The pitcher measures 5 ” tall, about 5″ from the tip of spout to outer edge of the C-shaped handle, and weighs just under one pound. It’s in pristine condition, appearing unused, but for a minute chip on the bottom (photograph #4). This is a lovely vintage gift for a Wedgwood collector or an Anglophile.

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PYH 4321


Imperial Fancies White Pineapple Teapot by Spode

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This beautiful teapot is in the pattern called
Imperial Fancies. This is the pineapple teapot,
named for the embossed exterior resembling
the skin of a pineapple. The green Spode mark
dates to the early 1960’s. The color is a classic
creamy white.
Spode is famous for the high quality of their
china and has been in business in Stoke-on-
Trent, England, for almost 250 years.
The teapot measures 5 ½ inches tall without the
lid, 7 ½ inches tall with the lid in place and 3 ½
inches across the base. Measuring from the tip
of the spout to the furthest edge of the handle,
it is 10 ½ inches wide. The teapot holds 5 cups
and is in outstanding condition.
To see more pictures and history on Spode please follow the link below >>>
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