Four Vintage Nanking Pattern Chinese Porcelain Bowls (Sold)

4 Nanking Porc. Bowls Blue & White front views

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Set Of 4 Nanking Bowls
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These Chinese export white porcelain bowls are decorated in the Nanking pattern with underglaze transfers in blue. The pattern, named after the port in China where much of these wares were exported, depicts a large pagoda in the center, a bridge over a river, mountains and clouds, among other motifs. The Nanking pattern differs from the very similar Canton pattern by having a border of spears and a human figure on the bridge. The lattice design on the rim has panels that repeat in miniature the designs in the center. The clay body has the expected grit in it and the ink has flowed in the central design of each bowl, on some a bit more heavily than others.

4 Nanking Porc. Bowls Blue & White Mark Only - 1933 x 1728-jpg.JPG

The bowls have a glossy clear top glaze on all but the foot ring. There is a double blue line around the rim and one around the foot, which are traditional. The underglaze seven character mark reads: Yun Mun Ci Chang, which translates to “The People’s Porcelain Factory,” which dates the bowls from the 1970’s.

Each bowl is about 8 inches across and 1 1/2 inches high. Each holds about 8 ounces (1 cup), should you want to use them for soup or stir fry. They’re in like-new condition and immaculate. They display beautifully and mix well with other blue and white Asian wares. More Details…