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1828 Antique School Penmanship Exercise

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Antique School Framed Penmanship Exercise
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Found in Berks County, Pennsylvania, this wonderful school penmanship exercise is dated July 12, 1828 and signed at the bottom “Thomas Coats Moores Piece Book.” It measures 9 inches by 7 inches and is framed in its original, 15/16 inch wide tiger maple frame. Master Moore wrote this school exercise in brown ink which has faded a bit with time. The draperies with a tassel at the bottom of each, so often seen in nineteenth century portraits, are cascading down the sides, painted in blue and pale brown watercolors. There is a six-pointed star in a circle in each upper corner, serving as holdbacks for the draperies. The title of the piece is “Grammer” {sic} and it’s ornately penned at the the top within a pale blue painted oval. Here is the rest of the composition: