Antique Advertising Jug Early 1900’s

Antique Utah Stoneware Advertising Jug Early 1900's Hygeia Ice Co. $175.00

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Hygeia Ice Company Jug
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PYH – 4302

  • Vintage item from the 1910s
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The Hygeia Ice Company, located in the Sugar House neighborhood of Salt Lake City, was incorporated in 1912. This handsome salt-glazed stoneware jug is incised with the company name; the printing is very precise, which indicates a metal die was probably used. The body is beehive shaped, hand made of grey clay and given an arched, C-shaped handle. The only decoration is an inscribed ring on the neck and the beautiful orange peel surface from the salt glazing. This 2 gallon jug stands 12 inches tall, about 7 inches at its widest and weighs 5 pounds 9 ounces. Its condition is excellent; there is one shallow chip on the bottom but no cracks and the cork that’s wedged into the mouth is not the original.

4302 Hygeia Ice Co. Jug handle left-front-3783 x 2228-jpg.jpg
The Hygeia Ice Company produced manufactured ice, also called plant ice, freezing water with mechanical equipment, rather than harvesting natural ice. It was the nation’s largest cold storage locker and the first artificial ice plant in the area. They advertised the ice was made with distilled water for purity (see photograph #5). Their equipment was used to create Utah’s first ice skating rink and a heated swimming pool. Hygeia was the Greek goddess of good health, cleanliness, and sanitation and many other companies adopted the name, including ones that made things like chalk and baby bottles.

4302 Hygeia Ice Co. Jug - Horse and Wagon-968 x 433-jpg.jpg

This stoneware advertising jug is both decorative and a fine piece of history.

© Linda Henrich

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Studio Pottery Pitcher Hand Thrown Great Abstract Designs

Green and brown drip glaze pitcher handle left

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Signed Pottery Pitcher Great Designs

This hand thrown studio pottery pitcher has so many designs and textures going on, it’s a decorative delight. The rough tan stoneware clay it’s made of provides a speckled background for the glaze colors of seafoam green, caramel, cream, black and ruby red. There’s a brown drip that runs horizontally below the rim of the mouth and the abstract designs are raised, curved and swirled. The handle was pulled from the clay and given a half seafoam, half caramel color treatment, raised ridges and an interesting pinched treatment at the base. There’s a lovely open, rounded spout. The seafoam green was dripped into the interior, which was given a coat of cream. Only the bottom is unglazed, and is signed with a confident incised mark that we have yet to identify.

The pitcher’s height is about 5 inches, it’s 6 inches from spout to handle and it’s 4 inches from front to back. The piece weighs a little over a pound and is in terrific condition. Since the interior is glazed, it will hold liquids–about 2 1/2 cups (20 ounces). It’s an art pottery piece with lots of flair for a collection or home/office decoration.

PYH 4107

Green and brown drip glaze pitcher bottom mark view


Green and brown drip glaze pitcher rim view



Unusual Albany Slip Glaze Stoneware Mug

Stoneware Mug with Unusual Albany Slip Glaze


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This stoneware mug was hand made around 1910. Albany slip (liquid clay) covers all the surfaces except the interior. The Albany slip was applied thinly and is studded with glaze pops, including the handle and the bottom. The mug was salt glazed after the Albany slip was applied and the stilt marks are clearly visible on the bottom. It has a straight body, an angled handle and flares out at the base.

The mug is 5 ¼ inches tall, 3 3/8 inches across the top and 3 1/8 inches across the bottom. It’s a sturdy piece, weighing 10 ounces, and in very good condition, with no cracks or chips and only faint crazing on the interior.

This is a handsome addition to your pottery collection.


American Stoneware Pitcher 19th Century Albany Slip Glaze

Antique Brown Pitcher-aaa-spout left-etsy slide-606 x 496-jpg.jpg
American Stoneware Pitcher
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Pottery – Brown Pitcher
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PYH – 3635

This large antique stoneware pitcher has a beautiful chocolate brown Albany slip glaze. Albany slip-glazed pottery was made in the 19th century, originally with a clay deposit from the Hudson River near Albany, New York. A slip glaze was made by mixing the clay with water. It melted to form a glass-like coating which was easy to clean and good for holding liquids. The color of the clay used for this pitcher is gray; the glaze was made of a clay that had a high iron content which is why the color will differ on the same piece, as this one does. When it was fired in the kiln, changes in color could occur then, also.

This hand-thrown pitcher has great form and color. There are two incised lines under the thick rim and two more at the point that the body begins to flare into an ovoid shape. The strap handle is finely molded and the upper rim flares out on both sides of the spout.

This is a large, heavy (5 pounds!) pitcher. It stands 9 inches tall and is 5 inches across the base. From the edge of the spout to the outer rim is 4 ¾ inches and from the widest part of the body to the outer edge of the handle is 7 inches.

Utilitarian items like this were used every day; they were often broken and discarded. This pitcher is in great condition. There are two tiny glaze flakes on one side. There are no cracks or chips.

Truly an excellent piece of American stoneware. More Details…

PYH 3635