“Newspaper” Vase 1971 Ron Krogh Apollo 11 Moon Walk

Ron Krogh 1971 Stoneware "Newspaper" Vase Apollo 11 Moon Walk Signed

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Newspaper Vase
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This vase is undoubtedly one of the more unusual studio pottery pieces we’ve ever offered. The potter, Ron Krogh, was a ceramics instructor in Bountiful, Utah, in the late 1960’s. A piece of his pottery is in the permanent collection of the American Museum of ceramic art in Pomona, California. This heavy stoneware vase is “wrapped” in pottery pages printed from the Ogden, Utah Standard-Examiner dated July 21, 1969. On one side of the vase the headline is “Moon Walk,” while on the other side it’s “Apollo 11 Landing.” Another side recounts “Nixon Flies to Splashdown Site.” The rough stoneware itself is glazed on the interior in a greenish gray, while most of the exterior was left unglazed. Every inch of the surface of this vase is different and fascinating. It’s signed on the bottom by the artist, who dated the piece 71 beneath his signature.

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Italian Majolica Giuseppe Mazzotti Signed Bud Vase Hand Painted

Giuseppe Mazzotti Bottle Vase side 3-4077 x 3442-jpg_burned

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Majolica Hand Painted Bud Vase
This beautiful triangular bud vase was produced by the Giuseppe Mazzotti Ceramics Factory in Albisola, Italy, a town where ceramics have been made for four centuries. The company was founded in 1903, at a time when, according to Wikipedia, Albisola become the international capital of ceramics. The blue and white decorations, hand painted so wonderfully on this vase, were introduced in Albisola in the mid-seventeenth century. The style is termed “Antico Savona” (old Savona), characterized by the landscape of ancient Savona, Italy, a nearby city. (more…)

Mexican Art Pottery Vase Signed TRutH, Moons and Stars

Blue Moon Vase-2-2079 x 1946-jpg.JPG


A very eye-catching moons and stars design on a mottled dark blue background distinguishes this unusual piece of folk pottery. Made of red clay that is visible on the unglazed, unpainted foot ring, the interior and the base were given a creamy white glaze. The dark blue paint of the ground was applied unevenly, which gives it its mottled appearance; it goes over the edge into the inside about 1/4 inch and onto the bottom in a few areas. The bottom is glazed white and signed: TRutH MÉXICO (underlined twice with two dots under that) and a mark to the left that looks like an asterisk. The marks are handwritten in black under the clear glaze. There are two large crescent moons (one with red lips!) and fifteen stars in varying sizes.

The vase measures 7 1/2 inches tall and stands on a 4 inch round base. The mouth is 4 1/2 inches across, it’s a little over 5 inches wide at the belly and weighs about two pounds. There are several lumps and bumps of excess clay on the interior and an area of crazing in the white glaze on the bottom. It’s in great shape and an excellent decorative vase and/or addition to a pottery collection.

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Art Nouveau Porcelain Cabinet Vase Reticulated and Gilded

Gold Colored Ivy two Handle Vase-3057 x 2533-jpg.JPG


This lovely porcelain vase has Art Nouveau flowing lines and two curvy handles.The amphora shaped body was given a soft velvety matte white glaze. The branches, vines and leaves that decorate both the front and the back have raised gilding and beautiful blue green enamel, along with touches of mauve. A matte peach glaze colors the reticulated, scalloped upper rim and the scalloped base. They are accented with gilt, as are the matte peach handles. The interior is unglazed bisque and not meant to hold water. There are no maker or country of origin marks, just a printed G 738 on the bottom. The vase is possibly from Bohemia or Austria but without a mark…


Art Pottery Bottle Vase Reactive Glaze

Art Pottery Bottle Vase

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This earthenware short-necked bottle vase has a truly gorgeous reactive glaze. The ombre effect begins with a chocolate color, which melts into a pale rust color edged with darker rust. The glaze then segues into the  central beautiful blue which ends at the base with a metallic dark rust. The vase measures 6 inches wide at the shoulder, stands 7 ½ inches tall with a base diameter of 3 ¾ inches. The piece is in pristine condition. There is no maker’s mark.

This glossy, smooth-surfaced art pottery vase will look beautiful wherever it is placed in
your home.

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